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The objective of vocational education and training is to bring up application-oriented talents that have related technical theoretical knowledge and practical ability.
It is post-secondary school education which aims to support the continuation of studies and a preparation for a better walk of life.

Vocational education is considered to be the most effective instrument of meeting globalization demands which has been for decades and is still successfully practised in many countries like Germany - the origin land of VET.
It is seen as strategy that contributes to increase efficiency in education investment and can provide young people with the skills needed for employment in industry.

Vocational education is particularly important for promoting economic development, expanding employment size and improving the quality of employment.
Governments around the world, like USA, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and China, are currently undertaking reforms on their education and training systems to meet the demand for an appropriately skilled workforce in an evolving global economy.

Vocational education is considered appropriate for professions like automobile mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, electrical/electronics, makeup artistry, fashion designing, art and craft, event planning and management, hair styling (unisex), health care and other similar professions. as been practised in Germany.

The information and communication technology provides a wide variety of activities and experiences that support vocational education.

With enough financial fundings and supports, our long-term education support policies is post-secondary school vocational education trainings and/or university education for the less privileged children - supporting them to becoming vocational education or university graduates.
Many of the VET-centers are very expensive and not feasable for those less privileged children.

With vocational training, those children will go through some essential creative thinking exercises to encourage thier creative thinking skills which will help them in developing a smart mind.
While most of the graduates are preparing for better merit scores, smart work is when they prepare for these creative and problem solving skills for better job opportunities.

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