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ESLP Foundation   Our Vision

We are in a mission to:

  • help the less priviledged.

  • help someone's dream come true.

  • give helping hand to those who need it.

  • ESLP Foundation believes that education is a strong driver for sustainable community development.
    Consequently, the aim and objective of the Foundation is to provide the people in need, especially the less privileged children and orphans with access to education and a conducive learning environment and materials and give them quality education so that they will have a better future and be able to contribute to the development of their community and society.

    By means of education, the Foundation wants to create better opportunities for the future, because we believe that education is the pathway to a better life.

    Our vision is to establish a scholarship Fund to cater for the quality educational needs of the less privileged in the society by sponsorship from elementary education to upper secondary education so they can gain the skills necessary to make contributions to the social and economic advancement of their environment.

    Our guiding principle in making this vision come true is: Education - Sensitivity - Love - Persistence.

    Our long-term vision is to encouraging science and technology education through vocational trainings. And to provide educational support for less privileged from the elementary school till obtaining a university degree or a vocational school diploma.

    To organize, provide and ensure basic skill program and workshop where needed; and equip the trainees with necessary tools to start as entrepreneur (Hair Dressing, Fashion Design, graphic design, mechanic, plumbing, furniture, programming, etc) after a successful completion of their trainings.

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